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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to book a Weekend Tour Package?

Firstly we suggest you to visit "Weekend Tours from Bangalore" section on the website, which include various Weekend Tours. Then select one of the packages. You can use our online booking form or send us an e mail at:

2. How advance should be my travel booking?

We highly recommend booking your weekend tour as soon as possible becuase the hotels will get sold out in all places during the weekends.

3. How will I be picked up for the Weekend Tour Packages?

Pickup will be done at 23.30 Hrs (11.30 PM) near Kempegowda Bus Station in Bangalore for Fixed departure packages and 9 PM for exclusive Car packages.

4. Is there any thing important while visiting temples in Karnataka?

Temples are very sacred places. Do remember to remove your shoes and sandals while visiting temples. When visiting temples, women should cover their body with short or long sleeves tops and a long skirt or pants. Women should not wear sleeveless dresses or blouses. They need not cover their face or head. Men should wear long pants and a sleeved shirt. Men's should remove shirts and banians before entering the temples located in Dakshina Kannada, udupi and Chikmagalur districts. It is customary to drop a small amount of money in Hundi (offering box) after making prayers. Remember, Hindu custom dictates that women should not enter temples if they are menstruating.

Also be alert for sign boards indicating that non-Hindus may not visit the inner sanctum of the temple (for example Gokarna) and may see only its outer precincts. If there is no sign board, then ask a priest or temple management. If you are visiting a temple and are offered a portion of sweet or fresh coconut or banana, it is prasada or sacred food, offered to the gods. Since it's a great honor to be offered, never refuse it, rather accept it and eat it. If you don't want it, take it and give it to someone else.

Photography or Video is strictly prohibited in most of the temples. Before photographing the inner chamber of sacred temples, be sure to get permission from the temple management. It is not permitted to have the picture of main deity in some temples. Karnataka Tours Guides will assist you more on about the behavior and general customs within the temple premises.

5. Are there any restrictions for the Photography in Karnataka? Is there anything I need to consider while doing photography in Karnataka?

Karnataka offers you great photographing options and it is a great fun while photographing in Karnataka as you will have enough sunlight most of the time. We suggest you to bring digital cameras and video cameras with you to catch the unlimited beauty of Karnataka. In some of the monuments and wildlife sanctuaries you have to pay the fees for the photography. At some of the locations photography is strictly prohibited. Please do not violate rules. Do not photograph these objects otherwise your cameras will be confiscated. Always take permission before photographing people. Traditional people in Karnataka are sensitive and suspicious as to why they are being photographed. Never photograph airports, railways, railway stations, big bridges, or a military area. It's good not to photograph Muslim women, women taking bath in river, cremations, slums, or beggars.

6. I want to know more about Karnataka Vacations? Why should I book the tour through Karnataka Vacations?

Karnataka Vacations is a recognized tour operator and holiday planner in Karnataka. We not only organize tours in Karnataka, but also in other parts of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. We not only organize the tours as they are printed in the itinerary but also work out any custom made itinerary in any area of the Indian subcontinent. We also organize special Ayurveda rejuvenation packages, Yoga training camps in Karnataka. Karnataka Vacations is associated with a team of Tour Escorts and Guides who are fluent in English having long experience and are highly qualified and have also spent many years abroad. To know more about Karnataka Vacations and its team please refer to About Us or email us at

7. What is the guarantee that I would be provided the services which I asked for during my tour? Or how safe is my tour with Karnataka Vacations?

Customer Satisfaction is our motto. Your satisfaction and Safety is 100% guaranteed. Karnataka Vacations provide you a guarantee that it would provide all the services as decided according to the mutual agreement between you and Karnataka Vacations.

8. How do we settle the payment?

We need 100% of the total tour cost at the time of the confirmation of the weekend tour package. This is to be sure that your booking is genuine and we can go ahead with the reservations of Hotel and other services.

9. How can I make the payment?

There are various payment options by which you can make payment to Karnataka Vacations. You can make payment by cash, bank transfer, Cheque, and Demand Draft. For more information, please visit Mode of Payments page.

10. What is advisable to eat and drink in Karnataka?

We advice our guests to drink bottled water, bottled drinks. The water in the hotels can be used for cleaning the tooth and body, but avoid drinking this water. The mineral water is available in sealed a bottle which is purified and quite safe to drink. It is not advisable to drink water from slow moving streams, lakes or dams. Avoid eating spicy food. It is suggested to stick to only cooked foods and to eat fresh fruits after removing their skin. After taking the above precautions you will realize that weekend tour destinations has wonderful cuisine and rarely any other place meet such varieties.

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